(Gasiti mai jos traducerea automata in limba romana a acestui text)

MachineTranslate is a cloud-based automated translation service. Automatically translate from/into ENGLISH based on a defined set of keywords or phrases. MachineTranslate has a built-in entity recognition engine that identifies concepts and entities in any source language independently of format (text, speech, image).

This tool allows you to translate previously created files from / into ENGLISH. By selecting the desired language and starting point, we automatically detect the source text, detect the tool and translate it into another language.”
The project aims at implementing an automatic translation service from / into English, using an algorithm based on deep learning and transfer learning.
Use Machine Translation platform to translate web pages from/into English. This is a web-based application that offers AI based machine translation service. The service is available online anytime anywhere, and you will never have to download anything . Just provide your source text in any language supported by the platform and let the AI do all the work for you . You can even use this service as a proof of concept for your own projects or startups (with proper attribution).
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is at the heart of machine translation. It is a technology that enables computers to perform tasks and functions that were previously accomplished by humans, such as translation. Machine translation is a type of computer language technology that lets you convert one language into another language automatically and instantly.
The purpose of this project is to develop a tool that will be able to translate from English to Romanian (or other language) and vice versa, with various usage scenarios. The way it will work is simple: a phrase is typed in English, another text is automatically translated to Romanian (or other language). So we have a situation where one sentence was translated from English to Romanian automatically. The main problem with automatic translation between languages (not just English and Romanian), is the accuracy. Language differences are huge and sometimes even small details can lead to completely different meanings
Simplify your business communication with the cloud based, machine translation platform and get the translations done in seconds.

Today, automating your translation process is no longer a dream. In fact, it is already here and AI can help you do it better than ever before. Machine translation has become so accurate in recent years, that it can be used to replace human translators at many tasks.
The main aim of our product is to provide automated machine translation solutions.
AI-based machine translation is the next big thing. And this technology is helping many businesses make their products and services available in more languages than ever before. We will be sharing with you how you can make your business more global by utilizing this awesome tool that Google has created for translators and companies who want to expand internationally.
Automatically translate entire websites into multiple languages. Now you can have an international website right from day one.
Software that enables people to write their content in other languages, converting it automatically to make it ready for translation and delivery. Machine translation is an artificial intelligence technology that uses statistical methods to convert text. It works by analyzing a large amount of text as an input and producing a translated output based on the same language as in the input.’\’
Machine translation is the field of artificial intelligence used to translate text from one language into another. Translators take this process a step further by implementing emotion recognition, an automated way to determine how precise the translation should be. It allows us to automatically generate more fluent content that is closer to the sentiment of a piece of text.
Machine Translation (MT) is a technology that uses an artificial intelligence program to translate unstructured textual data sets.

(traducere automata din engleza in romana)

MachineTranslate este un serviciu de traducere automat─â bazat pe cloud. Traduce automat din/├«n limba ENGLEZ─é pe baza unui set definit de cuvinte cheie sau fraze. MachineTranslate are un motor de recunoa╚Ötere a entit─â╚Ťilor ├«ncorporat care identific─â concepte ╚Öi entit─â╚Ťi ├«n orice limb─â surs─â, indiferent de format (text, vorbire, imagine).

Acest instrument v─â permite s─â traduce╚Ťi fi╚Öiere create anterior din / ├«n limba ENGLEZ─é. Prin selectarea limbii dorite ╚Öi a punctului de plecare, noi detect─âm automat textul surs─â, detect─âm instrumentul ╚Öi ├«l traducem ├«ntr-o alt─â limb─â.”
Proiectul are ca scop implementarea unui serviciu de traducere automat─â din / ├«n englez─â, folosind un algoritm bazat pe ├«nv─â╚Ťare profund─â ╚Öi ├«nv─â╚Ťare prin transfer.
Utiliza╚Ťi platforma de traducere automat─â pentru a traduce pagini web din/├«n limba englez─â. Aceasta este o aplica╚Ťie web care ofer─â un serviciu de traducere automat─â bazat pe inteligen╚Ť─â artificial─â. Serviciul este disponibil online, oric├ónd ╚Öi oriunde, ╚Öi nu va trebui niciodat─â s─â desc─ârca╚Ťi nimic . Trebuie doar s─â furniza╚Ťi textul surs─â ├«n orice limb─â suportat─â de platform─â ╚Öi s─â l─âsa╚Ťi AI-ul s─â fac─â toat─â munca pentru dvs. Pute╚Ťi chiar s─â utiliza╚Ťi acest serviciu ca o dovad─â de concept pentru propriile proiecte sau startup-uri (cu atribuirea corespunz─âtoare).

Inteligen╚Ťa artificial─â (AI) se afl─â ├«n centrul traducerii automate. Este o tehnologie care permite computerelor s─â ├«ndeplineasc─â sarcini ╚Öi func╚Ťii care ├«nainte erau ├«ndeplinite de oameni, cum ar fi traducerea. Traducerea automat─â este un tip de tehnologie lingvistic─â computerizat─â care permite convertirea automat─â ╚Öi instantanee a unei limbi ├«ntr-o alt─â limb─â.
Scopul acestui proiect este de a dezvolta un instrument care s─â poat─â traduce din englez─â ├«n rom├ón─â (sau alt─â limb─â) ╚Öi invers, cu diverse scenarii de utilizare. Modul ├«n care va func╚Ťiona este simplu: se tasteaz─â o fraz─â ├«n englez─â, un alt text este tradus automat ├«n rom├ón─â (sau alt─â limb─â). Deci avem o situa╚Ťie ├«n care o fraz─â a fost tradus─â automat din englez─â ├«n rom├ón─â. Principala problem─â a traducerii automate ├«ntre limbi (nu doar ├«ntre englez─â ╚Öi rom├ón─â), este acurate╚Ťea. Diferen╚Ťele de limb─â sunt uria╚Öe ╚Öi uneori chiar ╚Öi mici detalii pot duce la ├«n╚Ťelesuri complet diferite
Simplifica╚Ťi-v─â comunicarea de afaceri cu platforma de traducere automat─â, bazat─â pe cloud, ╚Öi ob╚Ťine╚Ťi traduceri ├«n c├óteva secunde.

Ast─âzi, automatizarea procesului de traducere nu mai este un vis. De fapt, este deja aici, iar inteligen╚Ťa artificial─â v─â poate ajuta s─â o face╚Ťi mai bine ca niciodat─â. Traducerea automat─â a devenit at├ót de precis─â ├«n ultimii ani, ├«nc├ót poate fi utilizat─â pentru a ├«nlocui traduc─âtorii umani ├«n multe sarcini.
Scopul principal al produsului nostru este de a oferi solu╚Ťii de traducere automat─â.
Traducerea automat─â bazat─â pe inteligen╚Ť─â artificial─â este urm─âtorul mare lucru. Iar aceast─â tehnologie ajut─â multe ├«ntreprinderi s─â ├«╚Öi fac─â produsele ╚Öi serviciile disponibile ├«n mai multe limbi dec├ót oric├ónd. Vom ├«mp─ârt─â╚Öi cu dumneavoastr─â cum v─â pute╚Ťi face afacerea mai global─â utiliz├ónd acest instrument minunat pe care Google l-a creat pentru traduc─âtori ╚Öi pentru companiile care doresc s─â se extind─â la nivel interna╚Ťional.
Traduce╚Ťi automat site-uri web ├«ntregi ├«n mai multe limbi. Acum pute╚Ťi avea un site web interna╚Ťional chiar din prima zi.
Un software care permite oamenilor s─â ├«╚Öi scrie con╚Ťinutul ├«n alte limbi, convertindu-l automat pentru a-l preg─âti pentru traducere ╚Öi livrare. Traducerea automat─â este o tehnologie de inteligen╚Ť─â artificial─â care utilizeaz─â metode statistice pentru a converti textul. Func╚Ťioneaz─â analiz├ónd o cantitate mare de text ca intrare ╚Öi produc├ónd un rezultat tradus pe baza aceleia╚Öi limbi ca ╚Öi cea de intrare.’\’
Traducerea automat─â este domeniul de inteligen╚Ť─â artificial─â utilizat pentru a traduce textul dintr-o limb─â ├«n alta. Traduc─âtorii duc acest proces cu un pas mai departe prin implementarea recunoa╚Öterii emo╚Ťiilor, o modalitate automat─â de a determina c├ót de precis─â trebuie s─â fie traducerea. Aceasta ne permite s─â gener─âm ├«n mod automat un con╚Ťinut mai fluent, care este mai aproape de sentimentul unui text.
Traducerea automat─â (MT) este o tehnologie care utilizeaz─â un program de inteligen╚Ť─â artificial─â pentru a traduce seturi de date textuale nestructurate.